Forest Bathing - Being In Nature

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Forest Bathing (shinrin-yoku) Is The Japanese Practice of Being In Nature


Inspired by Buddhist and Shinto practices, forest bathing naturally engages you in non-directed attention and mindfulness meditation.

This gentle immersion of the body into open clean air and green spaces is said to offer healing benefits which include inspiration, groundedness and destress.

The practice of forest bathing turns down the parts of our brains associated with executive functions like organisation, planning and problem-solving, while engaging the parts of our brains associated with pleasure and empathy. On the Vitality Cleanse, we aim to bring you into some of Irelands most beautiful and hidden mountain and forest areas so that you can experience the benefits of Forest Bathing for yourself.

Since 1982, shinrin-yoku or forest bathing has been an official government initiaive to improve wellness especially for those who live in urban areas. Living in cities we are often disconnected from nature. During your stay, you are free to explore the rolling hills of Sallygap, Co. Wicklow or Ticknock, Co. Dublin. Walking shoes and waterproof clothes are recommended. No matter the weather, you will find mind blowing scenery that you simply wont believe when you take some time for some much needed shinrin-yoku.

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