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Deep Breathing Exercises Like Yoga Help Reduce Lymphatic Toxicity


When you undertake deep breathing exercise such as yoga, you immediately improve the flow of lymphatic fluid and therefore you increase your bodies ability to detoxify itself. The result is incredible weight loss and reduction in cellulite.

Yoga has been used for thousands to help increase agility and bring much needed oxygen to organs deep within the body. It also helps squeeze toxins out of the body. When this is combined with colonics and other treatments the weight loss results are incredible. Thats because Yoga is an incredible tool to stimulate lymphatic flow.

Yoga enhance the bodies immune system naturally and it can be done anywhere. During the Vitality Cleanse, we offer yoga daily within our professional work out area. A qualified instructor offers you the opportunity to part take in this deep breathing ancient technique. We encourage you to come to the daily yoga class provided but like all programmes on the Vitality Cleanse, nothing is forced upon you. If you prefer to retreat that is perfectly understandable and you will not be disturbed.

If you do join us for yoga, your body will benefit hugely as this wonderful exercise enables the heart to pump toxins out of your body via the vascular system. We also include an aura cleanse using Aura Soma Pomanders. Pomanders are natural oils which are very pure and contain the energies of colour, herbs and crystals. These work within the electro magnetic energy field surrounding the physical body. You will be shown how to do your own Aura Soma Aura Cleanse over the course of the 5 days.

Each of the energy points of the body relate to an emotional state of being. Yoga helps to breath refreshing oxygen and life into your energy points so that your body and mind can release tension and stress naturally. By mastering just a few poses, you will learn a valuable tool for coping with stress in the outside world.