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Professional Detox Treatments For Advanced Body and Mind Cleansing


The Vitality Cleanse 5 Day Colonic Juice Fast Detox Retreat Holiday includes a variety of deep cleansing treatments which are designed to help remove the maximum amount of toxins from your body and mind during the course of your stay.

These high performance deep body detoxification procedures ensure that your body is relieved of years of muocoid plaque, toxins, pathagens, fecal matter, liver toxins and other nasty matter that stop you from you from looking and feeling your absolute best.

The treatments are very specifically selected to compliment The Vitaity Cleanse detox and juice fasting programme. Colonic hydrotherapy is essentially water therapy. It is the fastest and most effective way to eliminate waste matter from your bowel. All of the detox treatments found on the Vitality Cleanse use the most advanced systems in the world. Many are exclusive to us in Ireland. We align our treatments with the worlds best clinics. But all lof the treatments can be traced back to antiquity in various forms. Of course now the devices used are modern and comfortable.

In addition to the treatments listed we supply a body brush and other devices that you should use daily to deeply clean all parts of your system. These practices are found in several cultures in antiquity including Sumerians, Chinese, Hindus, Greeks and Romans and are still practiced today for one simple reason. They are natural. They are effective and they make you look and feel incredible.

We look forward to welcoming you at Vitality Centre Ballsbridge for the biggest gift that you can give your body and mind, The Vitality Cleanse 5 Day Colonic Juice Fasting Detox Holiday.