Plant Based & Pure Qian Baijia | Serums,Essence,Liquid and Crèmes | Anti-Wrinkle | Anti-Aging | Hydration

Organic Skin Products | For All Skin types including sensitive skin | Ideal For Men and Women


During your stay you may chose to switch to a very pure skin product range. Qian Baijia Serums,Essence,Liquid and Crèmes, are vitamin rich skin boosting products designed to rebuild and rejuvenate the skin. Unlike any other skin programme, the product is made of pure plant based ingredients and is extremely gentle on your skin.

Qian Baijia Serums,Essence,Liquid and and Crèmes, deeply penetrate the skin to combat damage and to nourish skin cells. These high performance skin science products are the key to creating younger skin progressively. Please consult a qualified skin therapist to choose the correct product for your skin type if you wish to purchase a suitable skin care range that will enhance the detox process.

Qian Baijia Serums,Essence,Liquid and and Crèmes, work together and are designed to increase the functioning of cells right at the heart of the skin. Skin becomes smoother in just a few applications. A luminescent glow is apparent and fine lines, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth are decreased.

When you are detoxing it is recommended to switch to a skin care routine that is 100% plant based. Many products contact parabans that are best avoided during The Vitality Cleanse 5 Day Colonic Irrigation Juice Fast Programme.