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Liver Flush Coffee Enema Using Organic Coffee Bean


During the Vitality Cleanse 5 Day Colonic and Juice Fast Cleanse, you will have daily liver coffee enemas. Your liver was never meant to be subjected to the type of chemical infusions that we now consider part of normal life. For those who enjoy an adverturous social life, the substances that your liver has to cope with just to stop you from poisoning yourself, are pretty frightening.

The Science Bit

Without going into too much technical detail, your liver undergoes two very clear phases during detoxification. Juice fasting helps with Phase 1 only.  Therefore if you only juice fast during a detox, you are only completing half the liver detox that your body needs. And leaving it half undone will make you feel worst not better. Compare it to shaking up a jar of muddy water but not getting the muddy water out afterwards. For example grapefruit juice must be avoided as it impedes the second phase of detoxing the liver.  For Phase 2 to occur you need to take in a very complex combination of nutrients which support the livers complicated natural cleaning process.

On the Vitality Cleanse you will undergo deep liver detoxifications treatments including liver coffee enemas. To help with Phase 1, you will be given fresh green juices which are rich in vitamin C and B. You will also receive the correct mineral and amino acid compounds which enable toxins to be excreted. The Vitality Cleanse is the only cleanse programme which considers both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of liver detoxification.

What most detox programmes miss is the fact that the liver goes through 2 essential phases in order to rid the body of toxins. Phase liver cleansing is aided by an increase in consumption of Vitamin C and B rich foods. These are found in raw green juices which is why juicing is great for helping to start cleansing the liver.

Alcohol, medication, drugs and all the heaviest toxins are immediately filtered by the body. Infact the feeling of intoxication is pretty much your body switching off its brain function so that it can concentrate on filtering as an absolute priority.

Using the advanced Harley Street Method, you will undergo daily liver coffee enemas to help flush out your liver and bring it back to optimal health. As long as our bodies filter, the liver, stays clean it can quickly deal with alcohol , drugs, nicotine and pesticides and even food additives

Because of the importance in the role of the liver during detoxificaiton, you will undergo a liver flush treatment every single day. That is because the cleaner your liver is, the better your long term health will be.

Green bean liver coffee enemas are an organic treatment which is used to gently and effectively release deep toxins from within your liver. The result is boost to all 500 metabolistic functions of the liver. What you will notice most is how bright you eyes look, how well your ears hear and how much more energy you have. You will be more alert and your brain will work better because all that brain fog, essentially toxins circulating in your body, is now gone.