Colonic Irrigation | Deep Body Cleanse & Detox

Colonic Hydrotherapy Irrigation using The Harley Street Method


You may have heard of colonic irrigation retreats where you are given a bucket and hose and told to use your imagination. But when you undergo The Vitality Cleanse, you will not be subjected to any such thing. Infact, you will undergo your daily colonic hydrotherapy using the most advanced system in the world. It is called the Harley Street Method and it means that there is no odor, tiny tubes and is 100% private. This is the system used for both colonics and coffee enemas. Because of the many health benefits of colonic hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation, it has remained the number one detox treatment of choice in the most advanced cleansing programmes worldwide. Some would argue that no cleanse is complete without it.

Vitality Centres colonic hydrotherapy system is a professional med 2 device which is FDA approved. It is operated by an I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist who is qualified to instructor level. That means we are not just qualified to perform the treatment, we are actually qualified to train others. That takes 4 years of practice, but we believe it is the type of reassurance you need and so we worked hard to be the best we could.

Dr. Morton in 2000 presented many case histories and spoke of the ability of colon hydrotherapy to ease and resolve many symptoms related to toxicity. His finding appeared in Townend Letter For Doctors. With the movement of many people towards holistic approaches to health colonic irrigation is leading the way as the most long established and natural way to cleanse the bowel whilst also hydrating and boosting metabolistic functions.

Because weight loss and healing needs a clean hydrated body to become easy and effective, at least 2 sessions of colonic hydrotherapy are recommended during your 5 Day Colonic Juice Fasting Detox Holiday Retreat.

Using the advanced Harley Street Method of Colonic Irrigation, you will find the treatment easy and comfortable with additional privacy which means that you can release not just physically but emotionally too.

The result is increased vitality, flatter tummy, better sleep and a feeling of deep relaxation as each and every organ enjoys a fresh flush of pure water.