Mechanical Lymphatic Massage | Deep Tissue Cleansing

Not Suitable For Those With Deep Vein Thrombosis or Vascular Conditions


The lymphatic is a major detoxifier that helps move waste in the body around the system towards the elimatory organs. Like all systems in the body, it benefits from stimulation when increased detoxification is possible. Because your bowel and liver are clear and therefore able to deal with extra toxins, The Vitality Cleanse 5 Day Colonic Juice Fasting Holiday Retreat offers and advanced form of mechanical lymphatic massage known as pressotherapy

Many people report that this feels very pleasant and relaxing. Its like a gentle sqeezing sensation. The body is squeezed and released in a rythmical flow which is very pleasant and relaxing.

Afterwards you are encouraged to drink lots of water and relax. You will undergo this treatment everyday as part of The Vitality Cleanse.

The result is reduced celulite, increased relaxation and smoother softer skin. Deep impaction in the bowel is loosened and released. A flatter tummy follows.