Rooms & Accommodation The Vitality Cleanse | 5 Day Colonic Irrigation & Juice Fasting Detox Retreat Ireland

detox holiday Ireland Vitality Cleanse Dublin 4
Clean, Contemporary Clutter Free Serviced Rooms Offer A Calming Minimal Style Right In The Heart of Dublins Embassy District and 6 Minutes Walk To The Beach.


It is commonly known that clutter equals stress. But in a busy family home, it is often unavoidable. Every wardrobe is bursting at the seams and childrens things seem to be everywhere. This is normal and natural. But during your cleanse detox, it it recommended to have a clean break from as many material "things" as possible. This gives your mind and eyes time to rest and relax as you sleep and wake within a haven of order and minimalist style, with clean fresh sheets and bed linen of the highest quality.

Each of the rooms we offer are decorated in a calming clean modern contemporary style offering peace and serenity to a busy mind. For those who are getting away from a stressful life, this is an ideal atmosphere in which to retreat.

Rooms are cosy and airy. There is 24 hour reception on site, with herbal tea station available at all times. You may choose to watch TV although we recommend reading a book instead. All rooms are ensuite and equipped with high standard of showers and toilet facilities.

You will also benefit from 24 hour parking onsite, daily newspapers in the main communal area, weekly room cleaning and fresh towels daily by request. There is a zen garden at the rear of the building where you can relax and retreat at any time. During your stay, your fresh delicious juices can be delivered to your room 5 times per day. Or you may have them in the breakfast room at mealtimes.