5 Juices Every Day| High Potency Nutritional Support

Juicing is an important part of the Vitality Cleanse Detox Programme


Juicing is only a small part of any detox. But when you are detoxing, it is the most suitable nutrient rich food you can take. That is because professionally made juices will supply your body almost instantly with all the nutrient you need . Juices can bypass the normal mechanical digestive processes and are absorbed by the small intestine immediately. This allows your body release toxins from each cell. Think of your cells as a small sac. When the good green juices come your system, your cells must dump toxins in order to take in all this nutrient rich live mineral food that they have been waiting for. But heres the part that is often missing when it comes to juice detoxing. Where do all those extra toxins go? They go straight to your liver and your colon. Which means that juicing can infact cause additional work for these two organs. Any juice detox will warn that headaches are common. Why? Because your body now has to wait for all these extra toxins to come out. That is not the case on the vitality cleanse detox and its also why colonics are an essential part of any professional detox programme. Juicing is only half the story.

As your cells dump toxins, they rush toward the eliminatory organs. That is why juicing alone only will help to loosen deep toxins. It wont actually get them out of your body. Our fresh juices offer advanced nutritional support during your cleanse. Juicing really is just half the detox story. The other half is this. No cleanse is complete without cleaning the liver and the colon. Anyone who recommends juicing as a detox should be recommending cleansing the liver and the bowel at the same time.

During your cleanse you will be provided with 5 delicious juices during the day. You may drink as much herbal tea as you like along with this.

Fresh green juices are made daily and are served cool and delicious straight to your room. You will be surprised how satisfied you are. Unlike juicing alone, you really wont be hungry . Having daily colonics and cleansing the liver hydrates the body and reduces appetite. Its a fact. This really is the best way to detox. Thats why every celebrity clinic in the world offers this to its clients. From Kate Moss to Madonna this type of programme is the very best combination for a healthy, slim body and glowing skin. Try it once. We guarantee you will want to come back.